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Hanna's Momma Snacks


Why Momma Snacks?

Working Moms. Busy Moms. Expecting Moms. New Moms. We all need Hanna's Momma Snacks!

While nursing my newborn, I quickly grew tired of the typical store bought options. I was looking for a fresh, nutritious snack about half the size of the packaged options in my pantry. My Momma Snacks were the answer. Every. Single. Day. Hanna's Momma Snack batches will last you 2-4 weeks and are the perfect single serving for curbing hunger at any hour in the day! 

Hanna’s Momma Snacks are sooo yummy!! They are great to just grab and go when you need something to eat. Especially during late night feedings. Plus they are healthy and very affordable. I recommend these boobie snacks to everyone!

Leeanna Masters Burger

These snacks are amazing! They taste like a yummy cookie but aren't overly sweet and are made with ingredients I feel good about eating! Pop one straight from the freezer and eat with your morning coffee, or any time of the day. I'll be ordering another stash for sure.

Nancy Hope

I’m on my third order of Hanna’s amazing snacks and completely hooked! These delicious, all-natural, refined sugar-free snacks are my absolute favorite to bring to work or eat before a workout.

Juliette Brezin

About Me

My husband and I welcomed a big baby boy in San Diego on June 23, 2017 and life was amazing. I was also thrown into the journey of breastfeeding a newborn every two hours and I was STARVING. If I was lucky, I'd get in my three square meals for the day and chomped on snacks in between. But In the middle of the night the last thing I wanted was more hummus and carrots and I'd feel guilty eating sugary snacks and going right back to bed without brushing my teeth. Around 2:00AM sliced apple seemed to save the day but by 4:00AM I needed more sustenance.  The idea of Momma Snacks was born in the first few weeks of Sawyer's life. While Sawyer had his snack from momma, I needed mine too! 

I depended on my snacks so much that I started bringing them to other new mothers. Within days, my friends were writing in exclaiming, "Your mom snacks are saving me! How can I get more?" 

As time passes I am less starving from breastfeeding but I have since returned to my full time job. Now momma snacks save me every afternoon at about 4:00PM. I realize I am always going to need a momma snack near by no matter what chapter of motherhood I'm in! 

Thank you for taking the time to visit my page and here's to Hanna's Momma Snacks helping you conquer another day of motherhood too!

Momma Snacks: The Perfect Gift

Do you know any expecting or new mommas? Don't even think about heading to a baby shower or the hospital without a batch of Momma Snacks!